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Are computer games damaging your child's health?

oungsters who play endless computer games could be stunting their brain development and risk becoming more violent, say scientists.

According to a new study, teenagers who play such games only use parts of the brain linked to vision and movement. This, in turn, means other parts of their brains are left underdeveloped - which may lead to violent behaviour.

By contrast teenagers who carry out simple arithmetic exercises also use the part of the brain most associated with learning and self control.

Evidence already shows that computer games are linked to aggression. But it was previously thought that the violence was a psychological result of playing computer games, rather than biological.

In the latest study Professor Ryuta Kawashima from Tohoku University in Japan found that the frontal lobe of the brain plays an important role in learning - and in turn works hard at keeping behaviour in check. This, he says, could explain why small children often do things they shouldn't - because their brains are undeveloped.

He found that activities such as arithmetic thicken certain fibres connecting neurons in the brain which in turn strengthen learning and behaviour patterns. As a result, he concluded that the more the brain is stimulated, the more fibres are thickened - and the greater ability a child has to learn and control behaviour.

Students involved in the research were given small doses of a radioactive drug - like a dye - which allowed a scanner to map out a colourful image of their brains at work. The more activity that took place in the brain the redder the image.

The results showed there was a much higher level of brain activity during arithmetic compared with when watching computer games - particularly in the areas of the brain associated with learning.

Professor Kawashima has also shown that arithmetic stimulates greater brain activity in children than listening to music or reading. In particular, reading out loud can help stimulate activity in the frontal lobe.

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Youre Not The Turkey - Dont Act Like One

Christmas is a time of celebration, whether you are religious or not. It is that time of year when people get into that festive spirit of office parties, visiting friends and relatives, eating and drinking.

But after the season has ended, many people look back with regret over things that have happened. Many eat too much, some drink too much, some just didnt enjoy the whole experience. Most let their health routine lapse, put on a few more pounds than they wanted to and pick up the odd cold. Some of these things cant easily avoided, but most can.

Roll the clock forward twelve months and its the same thing next year. This is your chance to break the cycle. This is your chance to take control of your life and stop being just like the turkey you eat. Get smart, seize the opportunity and benefit from all that the season has to offer.

During the festive season people eat as though they have never seen food or drink before. Possibly because there is so much food and drink available, they think that it must be eaten and drank now. But remember, you are not the turkey! You are not the one who is supposed to be fattened. You are not the one that is supposed to be running around not knowing whats going on. Exercise control. Exercise meal control, portion control snacking control and sweets control. And above all, exercise.

Think about after the festive season. Think about your long term health. Do you have the discipline to say no? Im not saying not to try different foods, but count the calories in your head. Count the volume that you are eating and ask yourself, do I really want to do this to my health?

Here is a different take on things :

Seasonal Drinking

Limit your drinking, youll have a much better time with your family and friends if you do. Abstain for a few days, so that you can let your body recover. Give yourself the chance to drive and visit as many people as you can. Its fine to have the occasional drink, but after a couple, the alarm bells should be ringing.

When the season is done, you will want to know that youve enjoyed it all. Youll want to know that you remembered everything, and you still feel good about it.

So, eat in moderation, drink with caution and exercise freely.

Exercise to seasonal happiness

Work it off. Dont wait to put the weight on before working it off. Work it off before you put it on. Exercise at least 3 times per week. If your exercise routine is more gentle, then do it daily. Daily routines are much harder to break, because they become a part of your life and your body generally does not need recovery time. Be mindful to not over do it though. Listen to your body, and if it needs a break, take a day or two off. But not too long, or you may lose the habit.

When working out at home, use an exercise mat.

For a great body, good health and happiness this festive season, eat and drink in moderation and exercise as often as you can.

Youll thank me for it.

Ar 15 For Sale Your Protection

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